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The New and Improved Pay Plus: Master the Digital Market

Pay Plus - Emergent Payments - Master the Digital Market


The New and Improved Pay Plus: Master the Digital Market

At Emergent Payments, we’re always finding new ways to provide simple and secure payment solutions for digital merchants. We’re constantly innovating Pay Plus to bring you the best tools to help you succeed in the expanding high-growth market. And today, we’ve released an updated version of Pay Plus that’s even easier for all our customers to use.

Pay Plus is the solution that’s used by different people for different purposes, and now it’s been redesigned into a crisp and clean look. Vivid tones of orange, yellow, and blue are not only the embodiment of our brand colors, but it also proudly represents our reliable services and solutions. With the new design, our customers get an enhanced experience with simple access to the services they need for completing daily tasks.

The functionalities in Pay Plus enable you to do multiple things, and we’ve added improvements by updating the navigation bar. The icons in the top bar give you access to any Pay Plus service—at the click of a button, you get even more options available within that specific service.

In addition to the redesign and enhanced navigation, we’ve included new changes and features to help you easily master the digital platform. Check out some of the updates we’ve made:

New Analytics Screen That Brings Data Straight to You

When logging into your Pay Plus account, you’ll land on the new Analytics homepage. The charts on the homepage will have specific data relevant to you, and you can personalize the layout of the Analytics page to prioritize the data you want to see.

New Charges Page
In the navigation bar, click on “Charges” to access your sales information and view all your charges. You can click on each item to get more details about that specific charge, including the Charge ID, Date, Customer ID, and more. This makes it simple to track your company’s progress.

New Filter Option for Charges
Finding a specific charge is now hassle-free with the new filter option at the top of the Charges page. Click on the Filters icon and add any available information in the appropriate text box (charge ID, email, Name, etc.) to find a specific item.

APIs Made Easy
You can easily view all available services in Pay Plus. Just click the APIs page, and it will show all of Pay Plus’ different functions. Select any specific Pay Plus function and a menu panel will appear on the side, displaying all the various sub-categories and options within that specific service.
We are always looking for ways to innovate and strengthen our solutions. Emergent is focused on providing a better, simple experience while keeping our customers’ needs first. These new changes to Pay Plus help drive us towards creating a secure, enhanced, and reliable platform that offers all the tools you need. For questions or more information, contact us.

By: Pazit Kagel, Director UI/UX