Customer Support


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Tiers of Support

Emergent Payments can provide either Tier 1 or Tier 2 support for payment related issues. Tier 1 support is defined as direct contact with customers, and tier 2 is support for the merchant’s customer support team.

Tier 1 (Direct contact with customers): If the merchant has opted-in for turn-key financial service, our terms of service and billing support information will be on the paywall and in the confirmation emails. Customers can come directly to us for billing related matters, and we will contact you for non-delivery issues.

Tier 2 (contact with your CS team): If the merchant is handling tier 1 support then customers should contact your support team for billing questions. Emergent Payments will provide technical assistance and training for your support staff.

Emergent Payments can provide tier 1 billing support to customers, as part of our turn-key financial services. Emergent Payments support is managed through our support site at

Emergent Payments customer support will provide tier 2 support to the merchant through the same site.


You can issue full or partial refunds via the REST API or through the Admin Tool. In the admin tool, find the purchase history and click a particular transaction that you wish to refund or chargeback followed by clicking on the refund/chargeback button. To use the API, use the Update Charge method.


Generally, chargebacks can occur up to six months after the transaction date, but this period can be extended in certain circumstances, such as where goods or services are covered by a guarantee period, or where the period of delivery is uncertain (such as an ongoing contract for services). Ultimately, there is no guarantee that an authorized transaction may not prove fraudulent, and will not be charged back.

Tips to avoid chargebacks.

Chargebacks are common while doing business, but you can do a few things to reduce your risk:

Use a easy/recognizable name for your card statement text.
Have a clear return and refund policies document and make them easy to find on your website.
Communicate accurate and precised delivery times to keep customers updated throughout the process.
Update your customer support contact information correctly and respond to customer inquiries as quickly as possible.


Customers can be blocked if they attempt too many transactions in a short period of time, or if they have refunds or chargebacks on their account. Velocity related blocks will remove themselves after a time (usually 24 hours). If you need to manually unblock a customer, first find the customer record in the admin tool. Then select Edit and change the block to ‘Not Blocked’.

General FAQ’s

What are Emergent Payments’ hours of operation for customer support?

Emergent Payments billing support is available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Eastern time.

Can a customer store more than one credit card?

Yes, customers with Emergent Payments can have more than one card stored with us on file.

Is it possible to block a certain credit card from being accepted?

Yes you can block a certain Credit card/cards from being accepted for transactions

How to find Customer Record in the Admin Tool?

You can look customers up by their ID, first name or email address in the search dialogue on the Customers page in the Admin tool.