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Emergent Payments


Maximize your opportunities in high growth emerging markets with our multiple connection Online Payments options
Hosted Paywall
Hosted Paywall

Let Emergent Payments provide the entire online payments checkout flow.

Simply open the hosted, PCI-compliant paywall in an iFrame or lightbox and customize its look and feel with CSS for fast integration into your eCommerce experience.

Customers are guided through an intuitive and seamless purchase process.

Real-time notification gives you visibility into each transaction.

Deep Linking

Host your own primary payment flow while letting Emergent Payments safeguard sensitive data.

Customers enter their sensitive information into a form hosted by Emergent Payments so it never touches your own data center, greatly reducing your compliance requirements.

New online payment methods can be added easily without writing a new UI.

Deep Link
Direct API Integration

Build and host your own paywall for full control over design and optimization, and provide a customized online payments experience for every type of connected device – including game consoles and smart TV’s.

A client-side encryption module secures personal information, with purchases initiates through the Pay+ REST API.

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